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  • Words Matter
  • Cultural Appropriation
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Partner with Expect Respect

  • Many student groups just like yours have joined the ranks of the Expect Respect community
  • Get active! Buttons, stickers, and other materials are available upon request.
  • Support our efforts by purchasing not-for-profit water bottles, sweatpants and more!

Become an Expect Respect Liaison

  • Connect with other students looking to improve social climate on campus
  • View a current list of Expect Respect Liaison Connections

Become a Partner in Change (Ally)

  • Partners in Change is here to help you find ways to get involved as an ally, right here on campus
  • Explore this site to learn more about allyhood and the different organizations and department that provide opportunities and programs to being a Partner in CHANGE

Get a button, take the pledge, or simply be aware!

We don’t want the change to stop here! We are very proud of the Expect Respect campaign and the positive changes we have seen on our campus. If you are interested in ways to bring Expect Respect to another campus or school, please contact or call the Dean of Students Office at (734) 764-7420.