Letter from President Coleman

To the University Community:

Photo of President Mary Sue ColemanThe University of Michigan’s tradition and success are founded in the ideal of an “uncommon education for the common man.” We have a longstanding commitment to open the doors of opportunity to scholars from all walks of life, particularly those who historically have not had access to a college education.

Our diversity is our strength. As educators, we know that our learning environment is enriched when our classrooms, residence halls and extracurricular activities are filled with students of varied experiences and perspectives. As scholars, we know of our research is enhanced when the academy is diverse and when our inquiries explore the full range of questions. As employees, we know our problem-solving abilities are improved when different points of view are brought to bear.

Our accomplishments as a university can only be fully realized if we work together to create an inclusive environment that values and celebrates both our similarities and our differences.

Discrimination, harassment, hate crimes and bias incidents are extremely destructive to the success of our students, staff and faculty. The University is committed to act when it learns of incidents motivated by hate or bias. If such incidents constitute a criminal act such as assault or property damage, they should be reported to the police and will be fully investigated. Other acts of intolerance may violate University policies or community standards; if so, we will pursue a range of remedies that may include disciplinary action, education and dialogue.

At all times, anyone who experiences hate, bias, harassment or discrimination should have a safe space in which to report the behavior and receive support. The University is committed to providing such safe spaces and to supporting a comprehensive reporting mechanism for bias incidents, so we may work continuously to improve our campus climate.

It is everyone’s responsibility to help create a welcoming community. I look to each of us to live up to our campus values and work to support the success of every community member.


President Mary Sue Coleman